Coaching Services:


At this time our dance medicine clients/patients are being referred here. While we wait to open a clinic we still see dancers one on one under the supervision of our dance physiotherapist.

Having a coach can make or break a dancer's career. Dance Medicine Coaches are not just dance teachers or team coaches from a studio, Dance Medicine Coaches have medical backgrounds, certifications, and hands on experience with: time management planning, nutrition, training schedules (for off season and in season), personal training, cross training and life skills. These coaches are hard to find and are not cheap. One of Off Season Training's goals is to make these coaches more accessible to pre-professional dancers. Each page below shows the three different coaching options. Please remember that these spots are limited there is always a preliminary meeting. We also have connections with Boston Children's Hospital Physical Therapy Dance Medicine Specialists, Nutritionists, Nurse Coaches, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and EXSS Professionals. Our Coaches consult and work with these colleagues to ensure the best pre-professional training. 


We also have some BIG NEWS!!! Starting February 1, 2016 we will be offering an online service for Gold and Platinum coaching! Click on the packages below and scroll down to the bottom for details about what online services we offer and pricing!

We also offer accountability services! You would just go through an online evaluation and then have one of coaches either meet with you in person or online through Skype to hold you accountable daily, weekly, bi weekly, or monthly! 

Please click on one of the options below to look at our coaching services packages!

Single Sessions are available for $75.00/ 75 minutes, but you must receive a coaching service evaluation to qualify.