All classes are important and are expected to be treated as such. We expect all of our dancers to arrive fifteen to twenty minutes early to every class in warm up attire (class attire is worn underneath).  That time is precious and is used to dynamically warm up your muscles. Proper warm up techniques include- dynamic warm ups, active stretching, foam rolling or tiger-tailing, thera-band exercises, light conditioning, muscle heating, etc. If there is no current class going on, dancers are allowed to warm up in the studio; otherwise they are to warm up in the waiting room. Parents do not have to stay during all classes but should make sure dancers are all set before they leave, and should be there for the last 10 minutes of class in the waiting room. This is to encourage and support the importance of coach, parent, and dancer communication. Whether it is a group class, studio private, gym private, or audition- we hold every dancer and parent to these standards. 

Notify your coach a week in advance if there is a planned absence. Please text or call your coach if there is an emergency. 

If you are late to class, you are to spend ten minutes warming up in the waiting room. You are not to come into class until you are asked to come into class. When you come in, you should quietly take your place at the barrè or in an empty space fully prepared in proper class attire. 

If you are absent to a class, unless there is an emergency, you will not be refunded for that class. If you cannot make a class, you need to notify and email your coach a week in advance