Our Mission Statement:

Off Season Training's mission is to be able to guide dancers through all of the areas of their life in and out of the studio. We hope to prevent injuries, but also heal them and never throw in the towel without getting more than one doctor's opinion. We desire to grow the field of dance medicine and continue to research the effects of cross training and injury prevention. We aspire to work with studios and walk alongside them as they incorporate dance medicine into their curriculum.  We promote safe dynamic stretching and cross training made for dancers. We hope to evoke a feeling of knowledge and understanding in regards to keeping your body safe by learning about your anatomy, but most of all we hope to inspire dancers take action to become the best version of themselves.

What is OST?

Off Season Training is a bridge. A bridge from studio life to a pre-professional career. We work in all circles of a dancers life besides being a studio: Pre-Professional Summer Intensives, Year Round Individual Coaching, Injury Prevention, Injury Rehabilitation, Post Rehab Training Integration, homeschooling transition with our Homeschooling Program, and we do research studies to help us grow with you and learn more about safe cross training. We are NOT a studio and do not offer group classes during the season. 

Our company grew out of a small dance studio called Dance Revelations that was run by Karen Brown, a Boston Ballet and Alvin Ailey Professional Dancer, and then we become our own established company in July of 2016. We are still small and growing, but we are founded in believing that safe cross training through one on one training can prevent injuries, increase aerobic capacity, strengthen muscle endurance, and improve dance performance- so far we have found that this is true through research. We believe in quality over quantity and alignment over tricks. We also believe highly in the dancer-coach-parent trinity, or as we call it "The OST Holy Trinity." Dancers truly cannot get where they want to be without a highly educated and skilled coach and without their parents. Every program by OST is designed with this trinity in mind and in its planning.

Our elite summer intensive is designed to have you come once and maybe twice but no more than that because our goal is that you outgrow us. Yes that's right- our goal is that you outgrow us. We are always here if you need us but after 1-2 years of training, we hope that you are able to cross the bridge we provide into the pre-professional world of dance. Our coaching services are meant to be used for years, but again after 1-2 years our goal is that you can limit your sessions because you have the knowledge you need to train with our workout plans on your own. 

We are a group of coaches ready to enable you to reach your goals, where will your goals take you? 

Nothing has ever pushed me so hard and I’ve never seen myself improve so much in one summer! Mentally and physically I have overcome obstacles I never thought I would overcome. This is what I always knew I needed to achieve my goals.
— Graduate Maddie D., 13
OST Graduate: Maddie D.

OST Graduate: Maddie D.

I believe this is the hardest she’s ever worked to achieve her goals. Of course we would do this program again- it was a great program.
— Dance Mom Michelle
The knowledge and experience the coaches have is a breath of fresh air! We would want to come back if you had a graduate program, and will be recommending this program to other dancers!
— Dance Mom Lakecia
Move Forward is 2017 SI theme! Why Move Forward? We want to be a bridge for dancers to transition to becoming professional dancers! Are you going to Move Forward with us?

Move Forward is 2017 SI theme! Why Move Forward? We want to be a bridge for dancers to transition to becoming professional dancers! Are you going to Move Forward with us?

OST 2016