OSTSI Graduates



Kaci W., 13

OSTSI 2017

Kaci is a 13 year old pre-professional ballet dancer from the Naples Youth Ballet Company. She has attended other professional ballet summer intensives and competed in different international ballet competitions. Kaci also has Type 1 Diabetes and suffered fractures in both of her tibias in February 2016. She came to us hoping to help adjust her alignment and anterior tilt along with learning how to enhance her dancing and overall health. Her studio owner and parents are very pleased that they came up to Massachusetts for the summer, and are seeing great strides in her technique. Kaci continues as a coaching service client and is excited to return next year to experience the OSTSI intensive with other dancers. In fall 2018, she is joining Ballet East in their pre-professional full time training program. 

Maddie D., 13

OSTSI 2014

The only dancer you should compare yourself to is you.”

Thoughts about OSTSI: “It was tough. But by the end I became so much stronger, and I enjoyed it so much. This is what I always knew I needed in order to achieve my goals, and I was finally able to do it.

Maddie is pre-professionally training at Miss Tanya's School of Dance in Massachusetts and has won multiple titles. 


Rileigh S., 14

OSTSI 2016

“Strength doesn’t come from what you do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t”

Thoughts on OSTSI:
”If someone asked me about this program I would say that it’s a great program. I would really recommend it, but they (dancers I talk too) have to remember that you get what you put into it. My favorite part about this program was how we all had a lot of one on one attention. This helped us achieve our goals. I also liked how I was pushed past what I thought I was capable of. The program was also very welcoming!”

Rileigh is currently pre-professionally training with Premier Dance Academy in Massachusetts.

Hannah R., 16

OSTSI 2014

Be Patient! It’ll feel like nothing is happening, but it is! It just takes time.”

Thoughts on OSTSI: “It’s pretty challenging, but very good for you. You just gotta suck it up and do it.

Hannah has trained pre-professionally with companies in Mississippi and North Carolina since the OSTSI.

Ashley C., 11

OSTSI 2016

The only person you should compare yourself to is you!”

Thoughts on OSTSI:
”If someone asked me about the program I would say that this was great, and it gave me a better understanding of dance. I’ve improved so much not only by my dancing, but also by learning the mechanics behind dance. My favorite part was how you get pushed to be as good as you possible can be- even though sometimes you do not want to go any further-you still get pushed to go further!

Caitie M., 14

OSTSI 2014

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Caitie had quite a transition from transitioning from a pre-professional training dancer to a D1 volleyball player and preprofessional athlete. Hear how OST shaped her journey above.

Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Thoughts on OSTSI: “It changed me for the better.

Olivia G., 13

OSTSI 2016

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before”

Thoughts on OSTSI:
”I would tell anyone interested or even thinking about this program that I loved it. It is such a great program that made me a better dancer. Honestly, If you want to try out the program and audition- you totally should! My favorite part of this program is that it really pushes you to make yourself a better dancer, and helps you reach your individual goals.

Millie C., 10

OSTSI 2014

Many people can dance, but only few are dancers.”

Thoughts on OSTSI: “It was challenging, but definitely a fun experience and is totally worth it.