Jared Nolin, CFO and Cassie Nolin, CEO are married and own Off Season Training and Elite Enterprises.

Jared Nolin, CFO and Cassie Nolin, CEO are married and own Off Season Training and Elite Enterprises.

Our 5 Year Expansion Plan:

Year 1: August 2018
We will open our dance medicine clinic at the YMCA in Fitchburg, MA and build clientele and expand our summer intensive.

Year 2: 2019

Then goal in year one will be to lease space we cannot say specifically yet Fitchburg, MA and heavily renovate the building into the first outpatient dance medicine clinic in New England and Off Season Training coaching facility. We will gain clientele and partner with Marathon Physical Therapy Division of Dance Medicine and Boston Children’s Hospital Dance Medicine Department. We are currently working to raise $150,000. The first $60,000 will be used to lease the first half of the building and fully furnish our building with the most up to date dance medicine equipment and technology. The rest of the money will be put towards scholarships for dancers in need, mainly middle class families in New England. We would like to fully & partially scholarship 6 students into our homeschooling program which will be expanded at that point.

Year 3: 2020

Start renovating the other 1/2 of the building and building an inpatient facility in Massachusetts to deal with full rehabilitation programs, eating disorder programs, and weight loss programs.

Year 4: 2021
Partner with Studios all over to create in house dance medicine programs

Year 5: 2022
Evaluate where we are and look into opening a second inpatient dance medicine clinic in the
western coast to reach more dancers.

Our goal through Elite Enterprises is to prepare and condition dancers for
the professional world through Elite Rehabilitation, Elite Off Season Training Courses, and Off Season Training Summer Intensive. Right now, we are working with dance medicine specialists and other therapists to develop the curriculum for our programs. We have already figured out our staff estimate, building schematic including basic floor plans for each of the buildings, and the overall schedules for the building; to ensure that we are ready to execute our plan. Our Dance Academy even has the potential to expand into a boarding school if we were to add additional dorms to our campus.  In addition to being a great asset to the college students and graduates job market, we will also partner with the local hospital and studios around the world to educate a future generation of dancers and instructors. This will change this sport for the better, and help dancers in need nationally and internationally. This could become a model for multiple rehabilitation centers for other sports globally- which means Elite Enterprises has no limits. This program has the potential to flourish; we are looking forward to working with investors to jumpstart our progress and establish the first dance specialized multipurpose rehabilitation center.


Please help us raise $150,000! 


Elite Enterprises will be the first center of its kind in the country for pre- professional dancers to rehabilitate, advance their technique, and prepare for the professional dance world. Nowhere in the country is there a facility offering dancer rehabilitation, off season training, and its own dance academy. Through the creation of this facility, we will revolutionize the way dancers and all athletes alike look at reintegration into sports after an injury. This will drastically improve the recovery rate of dancers in mind, body, and spirit. In addition to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, we will initiate innovative programs for current pre- professionals as well as those looking to enter the pre-professional world of dance. Our goal is to create a campus where dancers are educated about their health as well as injury prevention to carry them throughout their careers. This will initiate a movement in dance medicine history that will remodel this profession for the better, and possibly reinvent the way all pre-professional athletes look at injury rehabilitation. 

This program has the potential to save the careers of so many pre-professionals. Dance is a high intensity sport that can result in injury, in addition to its danger many dancers are susceptible to succumbing to eating disorders because the sport relies heavily on body image. What is so dangerous about these two things is that injury itself can cause weight gain through its recovery process. Shock of weight gain can lead to the evolution of an eating disorder, which then due to malnutrition can cause an injury. This creates a vicious cycle which many pre-professionals start at any stage and tends to recrudesce. 

The cycle:

Injury- Weight Gain- Eating Disorder

Weight Gain- Eating Disorder- Injury

Eating Disorder- Injury- Weight Gain


Our approach was to draft a program that absolves this vicious cycle, and
that is exactly what we did. This problem cannot be ignored, as it has affected so many in the dance world and has ended countless careers. Our approach is to strengthen, encourage, and support dancers through their recovery process and careers in every aspect of their life- mind, body and spirit. Our goal through Elite Enterprises is to prepare dancers for the professional world through Elite Rehabilitation, Elite Boarding Academy, and Off Season Training.