Elite Enterprises Presents: Off Season Training Elite 8 Week Summer Intensive!

This summer intensive only works with up to 12 dancers (we typically work with 4 but have extended this program this year.) This is a customized program that was built to give your dancer consistent one on one training, every session is personalized to your dancer and their goals. Each week your dancer has over 7 hours of one on one coaching along with other group classes and training sessions. Classes/sessions include: cross training (swimming, zumba, weight training, and various cardiovascular training), technique classes (ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and pointe), private gym sessions, private studio lessons, dance anatomy application classes, nutrition classes, massage therapy, dance medicine evaluation sessions, showcase rehearsals. Every class and daily schedule is based off of a traditional dance company protocol and what a professional company summer intensive schedule looks like. 

If you want to advance a level, learn how to anatomically fix your weaknesses (bent knees, hyper extension, hip rotation, back flexibility, arch, pointe work, balance, strength, stamina, nutrition, etc.), and be ready to attend professional company auditions for future summer intensives, the upcoming YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix), or even college dance majors- this is the program for you! You do not have to be the best dancer to start, but you will be one of the best when you graduate!

Just to note: this summer intensive DOES work with injured dancers. We have built this program to be modified for dancers who are injured to recover, rehabilitate, and get back on their feet here. 


Elite 8 week intensive: June 23-Aug 16, 2019 (Ages 10-18)

In this 8 week intensive, you can take up to one week off for nationals or studio dance intensives. We are also offering a 6 week program but dancers are ONLY eligible if their school system starts their 2018-2019 school season before we end

OSTDC 1 week day intensive: July 22-26, 2019 (Ages 8-19)

Drop in classes are available in all open group classes on Monday's and Wednesday between July 15-August 5 , 2018 (Ages 9-19)

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Location: Montachusett YMCA in Fitchburg, MA, US

In 2017 we worked with the YMCA and their newly renovated building. This was a fantastic experience for our dancers, parents, and staff. We are happy to be returning this year. 

This program is a well balanced program that focuses on all aspects of a dancers life. It gives the dancers and parents a real glimpse of what a professional dancers life looks like. I would definitely recommend this program!
— Dance Mom Ethel

Graduate Programs: 

  1. Junior Graduate Program:

    • For dancers ages 10-13 when they enter the program
    • Dancers who are between the ages of 10-13 can come back for another year of OST (any year of their choice before they turn 18) if they feel like they need a little more time here before branching out to a professional company intensive.
  2. Graduate Program

    • Dancers ages 14-17 (dancers who enter over 18 are only eligible after for our coaching services and OSTDC for one more year)
    • Dancers who are between the ages of 14-17 when they enter the program are not expected to return to OSTSI because we are meant to bridge the gap between their studios fabulous in house intensives and professional company intensives. Our dancers who have graduated have been able to go to company intensives after leaving our intensive the previous year and some on scholarships! (Please note that the dancers that have been able to move on to company intensives have out in 100% to this program, you get what you give.) We do understand that most company intensives only last 2-3 weeks so if they would like to attend a week of OSTSI (2 sets of group classes, 1 gym private and 1 studio private) they are always welcome to in weeks 4-7 if they are under 18. They are also always welcome to attend OSTDC.