Finding time for your face and your family!

It can be heard to find time to spend taking care of your skin let alone with family outside of classes. We teamed up with Torri from Arbonne to give our graduates and their moms some skin care kits to encourage spending quality time with quality products. 

Arbonne is a Skin Care Line that transforms lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others. Torri along with Arbonne is passionate about educating women about how what they put into and on their skin matters. By opting for a vegan and gluten free skin care line you know you are putting safe and healthy ingredients in your skin. 

Trish and Kaci spent a week with the products and had a great time spending quality mother daughter time together outside of the studio! Their skin is glowing and so is their relationship! They both also raved about the lotions, even though they are not facing winter weather in Florida, they are in and out of AC and the lotion helped them keep their skin hydrated. See their review here:

Kaci is also training 20+ hours a week and is always nursing sore muscles. She tried out the organic Muscle Relief Gel and loved it! Her review can be found here! 

If you have a face and skin and sore muscles you could definitely benefit from these products! You can find the product links they used below. All products are dancer & dance mom tested and dancer & dance mom approved. Contact Torri about trying out these products here

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    3 ways you can use visualization to put you one step above your dance competitors


    Visualization is a great tool to be used whether you are a dancer or if you never danced in your life. Odds are, with its popularity, you have already experienced a visualization exercise. There are many different ways you can use visualization and many different benefits you can reap from it. For example, if you have had a stressful day, need to relax, and get some inner calm, you can visualize yourself at the beach. I'm not talking about just imagining you are there but fully immersing yourself in the experience. Can you feel the sand between your toes? Do you hear waves slowly crashing onto the shore? What other noises do you hear? Can you feel a warm breeze on your skin? Or maybe the hot sun is beating down on you. By fully immersing yourself in this experience, you can already feel what its like to actually be there! How? Well according to new research your brain actually doesn’t know the difference from what your actually experiencing and what you imagine!

    “Using fMRI scans, researchers like V. S. Ramachandran, director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California, San Diego, have found that the same cells in the brain light up whether we perform an action ourselves or watch someone else do it—which might explain why some of us find action movies so exciting. But these “mirror neurons” aren’t activated just by the things we see. The effect also occurs when we simply imagine ourselves performing the action.” 



    So knowing this, how can it be used as a tool to give you a heads up on your competition? Well we have 3 useful tips for you!


    1. Reduce pre-stage gitters / anxiety


        One of the most challenging emotions a dancer faces right before a competition or show is pre-stage gitters. Anyone who has ever been on stage before has experienced this same type of anxiety. This feeling can make you feel like you need to run to the restroom right as you are walking on stage or even that you forgot your entire routine from stage fright. The trick to overcoming this is realizing everyone feels the same way and knowing that you can over come it. A great way to do so is to use visualization! Imagine what it is going to feel like walking onto that stage. Imagine what you are wearing and how it feels as you walk out onto that stage. Feel the stage lights' heat on your body, look out into the audience and truly see the audience, imagine looking at the judges table and look at each person with direct eye contact. Take a deep breath and know that all your training has lead you to this and know in your heart that you are ready. Imagine what it is going to feel like having all those eyes on you and just sit with that feeling and acclimate yourself to it. When you feel your prestige gitters just sit with them and allow the feeling to wash over you and swallow you hole. Is it really that bad? Are you physically hurt in any way? Know that this is only an emotion, a primal tool set in place to help you identify threats. Know that you are not threatened by being on this stage and tell yourself that its okay to feel what you are feeling. When you feel you are ready, begin imagining you doing your routine. Feel what its like to really do your choreography on that stage and imagine you confidently executing every move perfectly. Do your entire routine and finish with a strong pose knowing you have done the best performance possible. Imagine yourself bowing and exiting the stage. By imagining this, you have gotten your brain accustomed to the feelings that when you are physically there for your competition, your body will already be familiar with your pre-stage gitters that they won’t feel so intense! Repeat the visualization as many times as you need until you feel comfortable and prepared for your performance!


    2. Learn and strengthen technique


        We all know how intimidating it can be to learn new technique and how much time and effort goes into perfecting it. With visualization, you can begin to understand technique with a very new perspective. By visualizing what it is like to fully perform a dance move, you can manipulate time to your advantage. Remember the last time you saw that move executed in a way that is close to your goal, now imagine them executing the move but imagine the execution in slow motion. Analyze the move and imagine how that dancer feels throughout their entire body. Feel their leg in full extension or feel like what it must feel like to be soaring through the air. Imagine the move fully and completely from start to finish. Get used to what you will feel like in the moment when you can fully perform the move at the same caliber or even better with your own twist. By doing this it prepares your body for how it is going to feel in the moment, as well as motivate you to continue your hard work to get you to the point where you can feel the same way you imagine.


    3. Build confidence


        A huge asset you can add to any performance is confidence. When you are confident with yourself and your routine, there is an extreme difference to when you are unsure or second guessing yourself. You can use visualization to increase this confidence to ensure you will feel the way you are meant to during your performance. To do this you want to visualize what it is like to win first place in your competition or the standing ovation you are going to receive from your performance. One of the biggest downfalls to a persons level of confidence is their uncertainty. To minimize this, imagine yourself executing your routine perfectly, as if you already know you have won what it is you desire. For example, if you are participating in a competition, imagine yourself walking on to that stage to perform as if you have already won. Imagine they already handed you the trophy and you have already succeeded. Execute your routine perfectly knowing that you already have it in the bag and losing is not an option. Remember that feeling and carry it with you to your competition. Know that you are the champion and perform with that boldness. If you do, nothing can stop you! 

    Blog by: Coach Michael Wallmann

    The Ultimate Recital Checklist!

    Recital is coming up soon for most of you and I want to share with you one of my favorite recital hacks! Create a list of everything you will need and pack the right BEFORE dress rehearsal, then create a list for all of the last minute things you need to add before you leave the house (maybe your favorite mascara that you use daily or your hairbrush), and as a final step add a BLANK list that you keep in your dance bag so that if you are a dress rehearsal and realize you forgot something you can right it down. This way at the end of the rehearsal you don’t have to struggle to remember everything!


    Don't have time to make a list? Print the one we made! 

    Bobby Pin Life Hacks

    Do your bobby pins constantly disappear?

    No matter what I seemed to do when I was dancing, all my bobby pins would disappear and I felt like I spent thousands on bobby pins. Do you feel that way? What if I told you that I found three bobby pin life hacks and I rarely lose bobby pins, and I also don't find them all over my house (they were literally everywhere- the floor, kitchen cabinets, shoes, and all over my car.) Needless to say until I found these hacks, my mom was going crazy when I was training. Now in order to save you from either giving or receiving the "I just bought bobby pins" or the "why are their bobby pins in my china cabinet" conversation, I am going to give you my three bobby pin organizational hacks!

    1. Magnetic Strips are your best friend.

    I am so serious when I say this. When I was dancing, and lets be real even now, I use magnetic strips to keep my bobby pins together. By having magnetic strips all around you have a place to put bobby pins, granted sometimes this backfires because then you always leave them there and never move them, but I feel like the pro is bigger than the con. The best places to place them would be underneath your railing to your staircase, under bathroom cabinets desks, even car consoles! Anywhere that bobby pins seem to pile up, is where you should put one, but place it somewhere discreet (hence the underneath part.) 

    2. Mason Jars, Teacups, and Buckets Oh My!

    Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with mason jars and I use them for EVERYTHING. I have a pail of bobby pins in my bathroom that hang stylishly next to two other pails filled with hair styling products and tools. The goal is to fill the pail once and not fill it again (but clearly I need to use more of my own tips religiously so I don't keep losing them!) At the end of the day, if I remember I grab my loose bobby pins from under the railing, I place them in the bin. This is a good way to keep them around! You could also do this with a mason jar! Now the reason I put teacups in this section is because I always seem to have a stray bobby pin or two left in my hair before I go to bed. I didn't want anything bulky or even tall on my nightstand so I took a vintage teacup and repurposed it for stray bobby pins. This works out great because then in the morning when I am getting dressed after I have done my hair, if there is a stray piece of hair I can quickly pin it before rushing out the door. #lifesaver

    3. The Bobby Pin Bracelet...

    If you follow our instagram stories you have probably noticed that we do content photoshoots about once a month with our graduates and ambassadors. I used to bring my pail of bobby pins, but it always got dumped and I was endlessly finding bobby pins all over the studio. Then I started thinking about how all of you dance moms handle bobby pins at competition. Then I went to the professionals. I talked with my amazing hair dresser that I go to in PA, and she suggested a bracelet. Ever since I heard about this, I have loved the idea and I love the product even more! 

    Okay so I can sew but I am more of a glue gun kinda girl with very little time, can anyone relate? Well these are super easy to make. You take a wide banded bracelet (a thick chunky plastic bracelet works GREAT) and glue on... you guessed it magnetic strips. The shape goes from being a round bracelet to a square one. Then put it on your wrist and stick on bobby pins, and your all set! These are so handy! There are other creative ways to make one that is just my personal fav. 


    That's all the bobby pin hacks for now, but I hope you enjoyed it! Please tag us on instagram @dancersost or @dancemomsost your pictures of your bobby pin hacks or how you used these! 

    See you (and all those bobby pins you save) later!

    Cassie M. 


    Why We Dropped Audition Prices So Drastically

    Okay so there have been a lot of questions about why we dropped audition fees and here is why: our owners Cassie Mayo and Jared Nolin said the, "every dancer deserves the opportunity to audition for an elite summer intensive, regardless of their financial situation. This program offers scholarships so no one can be excluded due to finances." 

    Cassie said that, "My coaches blessed me and my family when I had medical bills or life was just ruff; I want to extend that grace that I received to my future clients." Jared and Cassie started this company because they wanted to help dancers and prevent the injuries that ended Cassie's career, and this is another way that they can do that. 

    Love your Jumps like you Love your Crush


    When you hear your teacher say lets do petite allegro, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe you loathe them, feel insecure about them,or maybe  can't get your feet off the ground high enough to fully pointe. Here are my top three tips to get you loving your jumps!


    1. Start doing a hard cardio HIIT workout! I would advise using an elliptical that is combined with a stepper to maximize your inner thigh and calf reaction time. 

    2. Do lots of theraband exercises for your feet and ankles to work on rolling through your feet quickly with added resistance.

    3. Do some strength training with a leg press or shuttle. Focus on using light resistance or weight with quick transitions to support your jump technique. 


    Want some extra help with your jumps? Come train with us today! Schedule an online or in person evaluation today! Click here! 

    Is your dancer's training hurting more than just your wallet?

    How your dancer’s training might be hurting more than just your wallet…

    The world of dance has evolved greatly over the past 10 years, and dance medicine has been a huge part of that! Dance Medicine is now being integrated into professional dance schools and companies. Every parents biggest fear for their dancers can be summed up in one phrase, “You can’t dance for ____ weeks/months.” Not only do you deal with moody dancers who want to be dancing, but you also never know how an injury will affect their careers. So you know how a lot of dancers between the ages of 6-18 dance 20-30 hours a week? Well what I do is integrate cost effective, dance medicine approved cross training plans- that have been proven to reduce injury rates and increase strength- into a dancers already busy schedule. Now what if I told you that your dancers can stay at their studio- without breaking their noncompete contract- all while training outside of the studio with dance medicine trainers and specialists, and also seeing amazing results with 50% less of a chance of injury? I know, it’s mind blowing! In this guide you will be given three FREE tips to help keep your dancer safe inside and outside of the studio!

    WBDD Cancelled

    We regret to inform all of the dancers and studios who were ready for Winter Break Dance Day, that our head coach has been injured in an accident. Due to this, we have decided to postpone WBDD and will plan to move WBDD to February Vacation. For now we will refund everyone, and we hope to see you sign up for February WBDD. Also for every dancer who signed up for WBDD, you will be given a code to place online to receive a FREE dance medicine evaluation. We hope for a fast and smooth recovery for our head coach, and look forward to seeing you at our free conditioning class on January 21. Happy Holidays Everyone! See you soon! 

    WBDD Cancelled

    We regret to inform all of the dancers and studios who were ready for Winter Break Dance Day, that our head coach has been injured in an accident. Due to this, we have decided to postpone WBDD and will plan to move WBDD to February Vacation. For now we will refund everyone, and we hope to see you sign up for February WBDD. Also for every dancer who signed up for WBDD, you will be given a code to place online to receive a FREE dance medicine evaluation. We hope for a fast and smooth recovery for our head coach, and look forward to seeing you at our free conditioning class on January 21. Happy Holidays Everyone! See you soon!