OST Giveback Program!

We love our staff, our graduates, and studio partners and wanted to find a way to give back to them for all the promoting that they do


For our Staff

Any conventions, shows, or audition referrals our staff gets extra commission! We love our staff and want them to succeed and grow! Whenever you are chatting with a team member online about our programs always ask who they are so you can put their name on your applications! 


For our Graduates

We now have a graduate program. This is a smaller intensive compared to the one they graduated from. Whenever they refer someone to audition or inquire about our program they get points that create discounts to our graduate program!


Studio Partners

We want studios to grow and we want studios to be to advance! By joining our studio services we give you a flat rate on our classes and free services. We also give you a percentage of any profit we make with any of our programs that your dancers attend. We want to see less injuries come from dancers all around the country as the technique demands increase. Contact us today so we can help you grow by setting up a free studio meeting!