Dance Medicine Clinic & Research Studies!

At this time our dance medicine clients/patients are being referred to our coaching services. While we wait to open a clinic we still see dancers one on one under the supervision of our dance physiotherapist. Please scroll down for research study information.


Why you should chose our Physical Therapy Clinic for dancers over a Standard Physical Therapy Clinic!

What is dance medicine? Dance Medicine is the practice of healing and preventing dance-related injuries through physical therapy and rehabilitation services specialized for dancers. These services are meant to balance the flexibility and strength within the dance body through conditioning and training. Such a balance will help prevent future injury.

We have experience working with dancers who are looking to rehabilitate or are living with:  Scoliosis, RSD/CRPS, EDS, Bone Breaks and Fractures, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Patella Femoral Stress Syndrome), and various forms of Tendonitis. 

Mission: Our goal is to prevent, evaluate, treat, and educate artists in the prevention of dance-related injuries. We will never let your dancer stop dancing through an injury- there are many ways to continue through an injury. We do this through a combination of biofeedback, physical therapy, water therapy, massage therapy, imagery, and cross training. When dancers suddenly stop training we have seen a pattern of one of two things. One there are injuries following the initial injury they recover from or we see a longer recovery period before a dancer is back to where they were. In both scenarios dancers miss out on time they could be getting stronger and even advancing their technique, which is why we treat dancers differently. Every dancer is different so no two plans are ever the same, but we have the tools to make sure your dancer will not lose any time to an injury.

Right now, we are working out of the Fitchburg YMCA and are currently taking clients. We do not take any form of insurance as of now. 


Clinic Opening in 2018!

Please call Cassie Mayo for further details!

Research Study Details Coming Soon!