Ambassadorship & Casting Opportunities

Do you want to be promoting safe dancing? Do you want discounts on our programs & services? Do you want to be in our videos, online content, and in our international course videos? Read about the different opportunities together


Become an Ambassador!

Ages: 6-20

Being a safe dancer is very important to us, and promoting safe dancing so that you keep your friends safe is also very important! Creating a proactive call to action for injury prevention can save you and many other people from career ending injuries! To learn about the benefits you receive and your responsibilities read below!


  • Free online Dance Medicine Evaluation once a year
  • Free HEP (home exercise program) from our coaching services that is updated 4x a year. Our Dance Medicine Approved HEP has been proven through extensive research to significantly increase: cardiovascular stamina & endurance, flexibility, metabolic rate (VO2Max),  balance, muscular endurance, and alignment. There is an ongoing study to see if these HEP's decrease injury rates and so far (2 years into the study) we are seeing that this is proving to be a positive. 
  • Free online private coaching session every 6 months with one of our dance medicine coaches and trainers
  • Free or discounted courses/ programs
  • 50% off of OSTDC (one week summer intensive) and if you can get 3 dancers to sign up for OSTDC you come for FREE!
  • Free audition for our 8 Week Elite Summer Intensive (OSTSI)


  • Post 1x a week about OST (using your own photo or a photo we have edited for you)
  • Share our promotions on your instagram story
  • Record a 1 min video of you doing your HEP 2x  month
  • Show before, during, and after pictures of your improvements from the HEP
  • Either come to the annual ambassador photoshoot in July (during OSTDC) or send in dance photos for us to edit and use for content
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Casting Opportunities!

Ages: 8-18

We want to give dancers the opportunity to add more to their resume and be showcased! We are always creating and filming new online courses (some are international!) and are always looking for dancers to be exercise models for our online content. If you would like to send in an application to model with us without being an ambassador fill out the form below!

Current Casting Opportunities (for film & photo) for July 2017- July 2018:

  • March 2018: Filming for our Universal HEP Course
  • May 2018: WWC Filming

All Filming/Photoshoots are in and around Fitchburg, MA

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