We are hiring for our 2017 Summer Intensive! 

Jobs Open:

  • Residency Leaders
  • Guest Choreographers
  • Master Class Teachers

We are looking for 5 new master class teachers and guest choreographers (specifically in one genre) Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Modern, Acro, Tap, and Ballet! Please email headcoach@dancersost.com with your resume, two references, and at least two videos of your personal choreography. 

Summer Core Team job descriptions below:

Residency Leader  

Role and Responsibilities

·       To watch over students during residency

·       Stay on campus

·       Attend commission based auditions and interviews

·       Over see their dinner preparations according to their nutrition plan

·       Keep their individual schedules on time

·       Over see their HEP

·       Help the Head Coach in all ways possible

·       Attend Monthly Meetings before start of program

·       Attend Staff Training Weeks in June

·       Come to showcase and attend rehearsals

Qualifications and Education Requirements

*all requirements need to be fulfilled before start of the program*

 You need experience working with teenagers and leading group activities. Needs to send in resume with three references to headcoach@dancersost.com. The official start date is June 15, 2016- August 18, 2016.  

Additional Notes

As a Leader you need to be understanding but firm. There is a fine line between mean and strict. You will only have four dancers to look over at a time.  You will also be given leadership and group ice-breaker material to do with all of our dancers.